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Will Eick


Woodworking is my passion. Working with you is my delight.

I love to hear from clients after the project has been completed. Below I offer two types of reviews:

  • I often receive unsolicited comments after a project has been completed, and those are listed first.
  • *Aditionally, clients sometimes submit reviews via the website, and those are listed next.

Unsolicited client feedback

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Spitler Projects

Repeat customers

Sideboard with hutch:

"First of all the furniture is absolutely beautiful – we are so pleased. Your workmanship is amazing! Thank you!!

On to the table and chairs!"

Janet Spitler,  June 2020. Shelburne

* * *

Dining table and chairs:

"Thanks Will. The chairs are beautiful. All the furniture you made us is beautiful. Everyone who saw our house coveted that table!! I’m so glad we found you. Let us know if you’d like a recommendation on FPF

Happy Thanksgiving."

Janet  Spitler,  November 2020,

* * *

" I just got home to see the chairs. They look spectacular, thank you."

Paul Spitler, November 2020,

Live-edge black walnut coffee table:

"Hi Will!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to let you know how much I love the beautiful table! I was so surprised! It couldn’t be more perfect and I was so happy to see your signature card underneath. What a lovely addition to our will Eick collection. A friend stopped by to see the house today that we haven’t seen in months and she was blown away by the furniture. She’s asked for your contact info for a future project which of course I will give her

Thanks again for being part of the surprise Will!

Happy new year!

Janet Spitler, December 2020

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Raven-Suskin kitchen

Repeat customers

"First, I have to say that it is a coincidence hearing from you as I was thinking the other day of e-mailing you just to say how much we enjoy our kitchen every single day, and how much we appreciate the many design and finishing details that make it so pleasant and workable thanks to you. Just so you know, the benefits of your good work continue!. 

Judy Raven, July 2020. Shelburne (for project done in 2018).

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Godes-Goodman kitchen

"First, the cabinets are amazing...." - Lauren Godes, South Burlington

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The Optical Center

Burlington, Repeat customer.

"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new display cases. From our initial contact, through beginning design concepts and production of the showcases, you made the process very easy and stress free and I could not be more pleased with the outcome! I hope, in the future to have other projects for HomeComing Woodworks."

- Gary King, The Optical Center, Burlington

* * *

"The new desk is working out great! Many positive comments from customers". -Gary King., The Optical Center, Burlington

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Dayton projects

Repeat customer

"Hi Will,

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy my space that you were an integral part of creating. It brings me great joy to be in the beautiful rooms and see the attention to detail that you put into so many aspects. Not a day goes by when I don't see the passion in the creation that you brought forth. Your work is not forgotten nor is it overlooked. It is an honor to be in the space that you helped to create. Know that you are seen and appreciated in so many ways for the wonderful creation you brought forth to share."

- M'Lissa D.,  Panton, VT,  repeat customer (in an out-of-the-blue letter, a full two years after completion of her project)

"The high quality of construction as well as the uniqueness of the space make it a joy to even walk through. I am sure we will enjoy this space for many years to come."

- Jamie D., Panton VT, repeat customer

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Hoffman-Sandoval kitchen

Repeat customers

"We are thrilled with the kitchen. We spend all of our time here, and love using the kitchen. We are cooking more, cooking more healthy foods, and having friends over more often. Tonight Joey and Marie were the cooks."

Three months later.... "Have I mentioned that we LOVE this kitchen? My parents couldn't get over how nice is was, too!" - Mike Hoffman, Essex Junction

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Jones law office

Repeat customers.

"The desk and credenza are breathtaking. Eric said he didn't want to leave his office! ...

- Mary Catherine Jones, Shelburne,

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Chamberlain fireplace surround

Repeat customers

"We continue to delight in both our kitchen and fireplace surround...", Sarah Chamberlain, Shelburne, VT.

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Hayes-Chaffee bookcases

"Mark and I have been closely inspecting your fine work and we are just thrilled with how well it is coming out.: The results even exceed our expectations. Thanks again for your insanely wonderful attention to detail...." - Lori Hayes., Burlington



Godes - Goodman kitchen

Rating: 5 stars

Lauren Godes 

Relationship: Client

Project Date: May 2012

Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

HomeComing Woodworks (Will Eick) built and installed the cabinetry for a kitchen remodeling project that we did in late spring 2012.

We wanted a contemporary kitchen using tiger maple with an amber stain throughout the kitchen. HomeComing Woodworks specially selected the tiger maple so that doors and drawer fronts displayed a high degree of figure – which is what we wanted. We are very pleased with both the appearance (it is stunning) and the quality of the construction.

Will Eick gave us a firm fixed-price for the project, and stuck with that price. There were no price surprises.

We found Will easy to work with throughout the process. The installation went smoothly, and having Will and his installation assistant working in our house was a comfortable experience. A kitchen remodel is, of course, a disruptive event, but Will arranged the installation work such that we had a working kitchen (sink, range, refrig) every evening during the process.

We would definitely hire HomeComing Woodworks again.

Lauren G.

South Burlington, VT


Hoffman - Sandoval kitchen

Rating: 5 stars

Michael Hoffman

Project Date: August 2012

Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

Will started by visiting us at the house and spending quite a bit of time listening to what we were looking for. He also took a complete set of measurements. From there, he began sending us CAD drawings of proposed kitchen designs. Through the communication and feedback, we probably went through 7 or more drafts. He was patient and thoughtful throughout the whole project.

His design included everything we wanted and many features we wouldn't have thought of without him. He definitely knows kitchens. Some highlights of his design are the fridge "hidden location", use of an outside corner under the counter to store the blender and other counter hogging tools, and a stove location we hadn't thought of (but it is perfect). He even laid out the lighting.

It is almost two years since the project was finished and we are still not saying "I wish we had...". We do say, "I love this kitchen" and "There's nothing I would change." We had a unique space to use and Will designed an efficient, working, beautiful kitchen. He advised on appliance placement, storage, and styles. It was a full service experience.

This year, we had him build us nook and table to match. Excellent as well.


Chamberlain kitchen

Rating: 5 stars

Sarah Chamberlain

Relationship: Client

Project Date: November 2011

Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

We worked with Will Eick of Homecoming Woodworks from the fall of 2011 until early the following year on a complete redesign and remodel of our kitchen. Throughout the entire process, which encompassed an initial meeting, design iterations before settling on the final design, and the construction and follow-up, we were very impressed with both how well Will listened to our needs and how well adapted to our desires the finished kitchen turned out. Two and a half years out our kitchen remains a joy to look at and work in.

After conversations with us Will came up with several design options, one of which we chose. He then made very clear which decisions about materials had to be made when in order for construction to proceed smoothly. Cost estimates were provided and updated as needed. The project came in on budget.

Will provided us with extensive literature from which to come up with design ideas and, eventually, to choose actual colors, finishes and hardware. He made recommendations on where to go to choose tiles, flooring, countertops, hardware, lighting, etc., all of which worked well.

At the end of each work day Will and the subcontractors with whom he worked left our kitchen as clean and useable as possible. Despite a complete gutting, rewiring, some plumbing work, flooring, and painting there was only one day out of about 6 weeks when we could not use our kitchen.

In short, we are very pleased with how our kitchen turned out and highly recommend Will Eick and Homecoming Woodworks for any kitchen remodel, no matter how extensive.


Lynch kitchen

Rating: 5 stars

Mike Lynch

Relationship: Client

Project Date: June 2013

Project Price Range: $10,000 - $49,999

Upgrade of existing Kitchen (no appliances involved). Converted most lower cupboards to drawers, repainted all doors & drawer fronts, new lighting, New Quartz counter tops. Will Eick is the owner and operates alone with subs for electrical & counter tops. He is highly professional in decisions, contracting, estimating and customer relations. His pricing was reasonable, presented broken down by major elements and he stuck to his prices. The only changes were for unforeseeable minor items with a couple owner generated. His scheduling worked well for us. The most striking aspects of his work is the high quality and attention to detail.